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How it all began and what happened in the process/during it...

We’ve carried around the wish for an image film for a long time.

All it needed was an initial spark to bring the idea to life. So it was the redesigning of our corporate design that gave impetus to finally tackle our movie project. Once the plan was made, we went straight to work. Our agency and the film team were briefed, a storyboard was written and agreed upon, the location selected, the necessary equipment obtained and then eventually, we were ready to go off into the woods to forge our identity. As most details were kept secret from the rest of the team, the air on the set was filled with great excitement of what was about to happen. A workbench had to be carried deep into the woods, tree trunks needed to be chopped or sawed and the office became suddenly plastered with mud and sawdust. After three days of filming enough footage had been recorded and our film was finally ready to be edited, cut and accompanied by sound.

With this making-off we would like to let you have a look behind the scenes of the adventurous time and the great fun we had while filming. Just going on this movie adventure together, accompanied by charming situational comedy, proofed to be a boost for our team spirit. Making us all unbelievably proud of the result. But see for yourself, how we all became part of the BORM IDENTITY.