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Successful BORM Customer Day 2015

About 70 guests followed our invitation to the 10th annual BORM Customer Day in the „HOLZ-Hütte“ (wooden hut) at the „Haus Overkamp“ in Dortmund and enjoyed two informative days around the new BormBusiness V1.

When BORM invites, we can be sure that professionals from all areas of the wood industry will follow our invitation. From wood engineers to process managers – BORM customers and interested representatives came together in Dortmund for our 10th Customer Day on November 5th and 6th.

BORM-INFORMATIK managing director Frank Schauerte presented the new features of BormBusiness V1 and provided first-hand insights on the full scope of the varying modules and functionalities included – from procurement and pre-calculations to the overall pervasiveness of the new system and many more.

Guest speaker Martin Kohnle from LIGNUM Consulting held a presentation on “Industry 4.0” and the consequences of a highly networked production for process management within our industry.

Despite the presentations and talks the Customer Day left enough time for pleasure.
While enjoying a traditional Westphalian “Pfefferpotthast” (Westphalian meat stew) conversations and networking continued between participants.

We would like to thank all participants for their interest in the event and for the successful and inspiring Customer Day 2015 and we are looking forward to next year.